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These are the basic steps walking through a New Patient Consult.

1. Welcome and check in at Front Desk and going over all New Patient paperwork, HIPAA signatures, verifying insurance information, etc.

2. After initial check in for appointment, clinical staff member takes a patient to room and vitals signs (blood pressure, heart rate, etc.) are taken along with going over patient's history prior to meeting with physician.

3. Financial consult is done after patient meets with physician and applicable cost sheets are explained and given to patient regarding physician's recommendations for testing and treatment. Any questions regarding insurance benefits/coverage will be answered.

4. Lab draw for specific blood work ordered by physician after consultation, once patient meets with financial counselor to make sure certain lab work is covered or how much the patient can expect to pay.

5. Very end of patient visit – check out/pay co-pay or any outstanding charges and schedule any further labs and/or testing.

Click here to download New Patient Forms