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INVOcellTM – A Cost Effective Alternative to IVF For Some Patients

For a number of couples dealing with infertility, the cost of IVF can be a barrier to getting the baby they desire. Others are faced with a religious or cultural dilemma when needing to decide what to do with excess embryos. For couples such as these, a new, more natural method of treatment offered at The New Hope Center – INVOcellTMcould be the answer. . The procedure is more cost effective due to the elimination of certain IVF Lab procedures, and typically produces less embryos due to the minimal stimulation/medication regimen used, while still offering a comprehensive treatment option for these couples.


Is INVOcellTMThe Right Option For You?

The INVOcellTM technology has been cleared by the FDA, and is currently available in many countries around the world.

INVOcellTMoffers an alternative to traditional IVF at a lower cost, and discussing your particular fertility issue(s) with your NHC physician, is the best way to find out if INVOcellTM is a viable treatment option for you and your partner. ..Unlike conventional IVF, where the eggs and sperm fertilize and develop into embryos in an incubator inside the laboratory.he INVOcellTM procedure utilizes the INVOcell Chamber and the women’s vagina as a natural “incubator” to support fertilization and embryo development.

For patients with cultural or religious issues, as well as those having significant financial restraints, we recommend discussing INVOCell with your New Hope Center team, in order to gain a clear understanding of the procedure itself, as well as learning whether or not it is an appropriate option for meeting your fertility treatment needs.



An INVOcellTM procedure includes a “mild” (or minimal) stimulation of the ovaries, similar to conventional IVF, but uses significantly less fertility medications with the goal of collecting less than 8 eggs.

After this mild ovarian stimulation, the female will undergo an egg retrieval procedure, and the eggs collected, will be combined with the husband/partner’s sperm (or Donor Sperm if patient/couple has elected) and placed inside the INVOcellTM device. This small capsule is then placed in the vagina, where it will remain for the next few days.

The procedure should be painless, and the woman carrying the INVOcellTM device can walk and travel normally, without discomfort. The physician removes the INVOcellTM after 3-5 days, and an Embryologist will remove the embryos from the device. In the lab, the embryos will be viewed under a microscope (for “grading” purposes), after which 1-2 of these embryos will then be transferred back into the woman’s uterus. Patients with extra, high quality embryos, will have the option to freeze and store the embryos for future pregnancy attempts, if they desire.

The INVOcellTM vs. IVF – where’s the cost savings at?

INVOCell Regular IVF
Mild Stimulation of Ovaries – lower med costs Aggressive Ovarian Stimulation – highest med costs
#1-2 US visits – Less cost – & time invested by patient #4-6 US Visits – more cost & time invested by patient
Intra-vaginal incubation of embryos – lower cost using INVOCell chamber device Laboratory incubation of embryos – highest costs for expensive equipment and staff monitoring.
Lower Embryo # - less issue of what to do with extra embryos Potential for Higher embryo # - increased cost and decision making to decide between freezing or discarding of extra embryos
Typical cost = ~$7,000* *patient specific Typical cost = ~$13,500* *patient specific

*the notated “typical cost” represents the basic cycle costs + medications, but do not include additional services such as ICSI, Embryo Freezing, or PGS testing

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