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Gestational Surrogacy is an Infertility Treatment

Infertility Treatment

When a woman is not able to successfully carry a pregnancy to term on her own, the couple may decide to use a gestational carrier (also called surrogate or host uterus). Patients who may benefit from using a gestational carrier are women who have severe uterine anomalies, have had a hysterectomy, or who have been advised against carrying a pregnancy for medical reasons.

The time frame for the use of a gestational carrier is usually longer than other fertility treatments because the male partner's sperm must be frozen in quarantine for six months prior to fertilizing an egg that is transferred into a gestational carrier. If you are considering gestational carrier, please speak with a clinical case manager in our donor egg department to learn about the details involved in preparing for this type of cycle.

Virginia law is favorable for the facilitation of surrogate arrangements, and The New Hope Center can provide you with contacts to obtain independent legal advice.

What is gestational surrogacy (host uterus)?

Gestational surrogacy is an infertility treatment often utilized when normal embryos can be formed, but it is medically desirable or necessary for these embryos to develop within the uterus of a gestational carrier (host) rather than the egg source (female partner or egg donor).

What special issues should be considered in selecting a gestational carrier (host)?

It is recommended that the gestational carrier be a woman of proven fertility, under the age of 40. A gestational carrier may be a relative, a friend, or an individual previously unknown to the couple considering gestational surrogacy, one who is highly committed to fulfill her surrogate obligations. The New Hope Center advises all individuals contemplating gestational surrogacy arrangements to consult legal counsel prior to involvement in this program.

Perhaps you've had your children. Would you be willing to deliver to a couple in need?

The choice to become a surrogate certainly isn't an easy one. Few endeavors are so mentally and physically demanding.

Yet, ask most surrogate moms, and they'll tell you the decision is really more a matter of the heart.

Usually, they've had children and see their own family is complete. They truly feel for others struggling with infertility -- so much so, they're will to offer another couple the precious chance to be parents.

Are you that caring? There are couples in The New Hope program who sincerely hope so.

Once you qualify for New Hope's gestational surrogacy program, you'll get attentive care, generous compensation and the knowledge of just how wonderful a gift you are to a couple in need.

To learn more about the rewards of becoming a gestational carrier, call The New Hope Center at (757) 496-5370, or send an email of interest to our Gestational Carrier Team.

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