Fertility Testing Procedures

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Fertility Testing Procedures

Ultrasound/examination: It is important to rule out general physical problems as well as to evaluate the uterus and ovaries through a combined physical examination and internal ultrasound. Depending on your situation, your fertility specialist may want this done during a certain time of your menstrual cycle.

Physical examination: This commonly involves listening to your heart and lungs and also having a brief pelvic examination.

Ultrasound: This ultrasound is commonly done internally (via the vagina) as it gives much better pictures and information than an abdominal ultrasound about the pelvic anatomy. This ultrasound helps your doctor to identify certain abnormalities of the uterus (e.g. septum, fibroids) and also gives important information about the ovaries (e.g. are there cysts – what kind; how big are the ovaries; how many follicles (egg sacs) do they contain; are the ovaries in the right location?)