Donated Embryo Program


Donor Embryo outreach and the facilitation of all required FDA and other medical screening of the genetic parents who have donated their embryos, involves a significant amount of time and expense. Initially, this expense is absorbed by the clinic, but is later assumed by the Recipients who elect to participate in the Program and receive these embryos. Recipient Patients/Couples assume this cost by paying the clinic's Program and/or Facilitation Fees.

Please see the information below specific to The New Hope Center's Donated Embryo Program, its Fees, Terms, Limitations, and any Exceptions:

Program Fees*:

1. Program/Facilitation Fees:

Application Fee: $100.00 - *Applicable to New Patients - only

  • All intended Recipient Patients/Couples, must complete and submit an Application for acceptance and participation into the Donor Embryo Program.
  • Fee is non-refundable and is not billed/filed to any insurances.

2. Profile Review Fee: $250.00 -not billed to any insurances

  • a. Intended Recipient Patients/Couples, pay this fee prior to receiving Donated Embryo Profiles for review and selection
  • b. Fee is non-refundable and is not billed/filed to any insurances.

3. Reserve/Acceptance Fee: $1,250 -not billed to any insurances

  • a. Upon acceptance of a Profile/Set of donated embryos, the Intended Recipient Patient/Couple, pays the Reserve & Acceptance Fee, prior to NHC "reserving/holding" the embryos for their use.
  • b. Fee is non-refundable, not billed/filed to any insurances, and covers the costs for reserving and storing the embryos in anticipation for the treatment cycle.

4. Facilitation Fee: $5,200.00 -not billed to any insurances

  • a. On or before “Baseline Day” – the Recipient Patient/Couple must pay the Facilitation Fee.
  • b. Fee is non-refundable, is not filed to any insurances, and covers the costs of all clinical and administrative services, which include the testing and relinquishment process of the genetic parents, psychological counseling, matching process, and file maintenance.

Recipient Screening:

Recipient Patient/Couple - OTHER Fees:

5. Recipient Patient/Couple Screening - only billed to insurance if patient's policy covers Fertility Testing

  • a. Recipient(s) require certain pre-cycle medical testing, prior to the Treatment Cycle, including:
    • i. Blood work
    • ii. Uterine cavity evaluation/prep – i.e. Sono-HSG and/or Hysteroscopy (HSC)
    • iii. “Baseline Visit” – includes Ultrasound, KOH/Wet prep, UU Cultures, medication instructions/teaching.
  • b. Recipient(s) pay the Lab (i.e. LabCorp or Sentara) for “i”, and NHC for “ii and iii”.

Treatment Cycle Fees*:

6. Treatment Cycle - Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET): *$3,550 - only billed to insurance if patient's plan covers "DONOR" Services (most do not)

  • a. Recipient(s) pay the cost of an FET treatment cycle. The cycle includes:
    • i. One (1) - ultrasound and E2 (estradiol level)
    • ii. One - catheter fitting (trial transfer)
    • iii. One - thaw and prep of frozen embryos, and
    • iv. One- embryo transfer procedure
  • b. Some patients may require or request additional services, such as AZH (assisted hatching), or PGS-testing. If/when provided, the Recipient pays the fees for such additional service(s). These fees are separate from that of the FET cycle.
    • i. AZH = *$600
    • ii. PGS Testing - *speak with a NHC Financial Counselor to discuss fees for this service.

7. Recipient(s) Medications:

  • a. Medications are not included in the cost of the treatment cycle. Recipient pays the pharmacy direct, for all medications. Some pharmacy plans do cover certain medications required, such as Estrogen or Estrace and Progesterone. Those typically not covered are Luteal Lupron (Lupron kit). Patients with preferred pharmacy or benefits, please notify our staff and we’ll order your supplies and medications accordingly.

Program Limitations & Exceptions:

NHC’s Program is limited in and by the following:

1. The number of donated embryos is limited to a/one "set":

  • a. A "Set" = Two (2) donated embryos [occasionally three (3) -based on embryo quality & the number available of a given Profile]

2. The Number of Treatment Cycles - Per Lifetime / Per Recipient(s):

  • a. MAXIMUM #Number of Cycles = One (1) treatment cycle.

3. Timeframe for Proceeding with Cycle:

  • a. Recipient(s) have ninety (90) days, from the date of acceptance of a Set of Donated Embryos, in which to proceed and complete their treatment cycle. - i.e. embryos must be thawed/prepped and an embryo transfer completed.


EXCEPTION TO #2 of Program Limitations– “Number of Treatment Cycles”:

  • Occasionally the Number of Embryo Sets available at NHC, may exceed the Number of Recipients “waiting”. Should this occur, a Recipient "may" be permitted to engage in a 2nd treatment cycle, using a 2nd Set of Donated Embryos.
  • Requests of this kind must be approved by the Program Director, and are considered a case by case basis.
  • Fees associated with a 2nd cycle, include all except #1 and #2 on page one of this document. i.e. the only fees not charged for a 2nd cycle are: the Application fee and the Profile Review Fee.

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