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How are New Hope Center egg donors chosen? New Hope egg donors are intelligent, talented, attractive, motivated, humanitarian women who, for altruistic reasons, offer their eggs anonymously to bless the life of a recipient couple.

The Benefits Of Donor Eggs At Virginia Beach Fertility Center, The New Hope Center

How many eggs will be available to the recipient couple after egg retrieval?

Typically, 8-20 eggs are retrieved. After retrieval, eggs and sperm are combined in the New Hope laboratory through IVF or ICSI. Three to five days after retrieval, the recipient woman will have 1-2 of the embryo(s) transferred into her uterus. The recipient couple will have the option of freezing additional embryos in order to have a frozen embryo transfer at a later date.

What kind of selection process does The New Hope Center use to screen egg donors?

New Hope egg donors are highly screened. Through thorough medical and psychological testing, very high medical and personal standards are expected of donors that are accepted into our program. Only a small percentage, of women who apply to be donors, end up being accepted into the New Hope donor pool. The prevailing concern when reviewing donor applications is to ensure that any future children will have the best chance at a healthy life free of major genetic or medical diseases. Only applicants who have: good physical and emotional health, appropriate weight for height, excellent personal character and are free of any major genetic diseases in themselves and their family are added to the egg donor list.

How does a recipient couple decide which egg donor to use?

New Hope offers recipients the option to choose from many extraordinary donors. Each donor provides extensive information including: medical and genetic history, personal interest information, and more.

What does a recipient couple do once they find the donor they would like to use for their egg donation cycle?

When recipients find a profile that meets their personal preferences they contact the New Hope Donor Egg Coordinator to begin coordinating their cycle. The recipient couple will need to pay a deposit to hold that donor (this fee will be applied towards the total of all fees). The donor egg coordinator will assist the recipient couple with every step of the process in order to ensure that their cycle goes as smoothly as possible.

What costs are involved?

Although the use of an egg donor can be a more expensive treatment cycle than other fertility treatment options, it is often the most effective option for couples and may afford the highest chance of success. The cost for a fresh donor egg IVF treatment cycle varies depending on whether a known or an anonymous egg donor is used. Some clinics offer higher compensation for donor fees, in turn recruiting donors that are primarily interested in the monetary compensation for their time and effort. At New Hope, donor reimbursement fees are limited to reasonable compensation to assist in recruiting donors who sincerely desire to help others, while at the same time offering more patients the ability to afford a donor egg cycle. Approximately 70% of the time there will be extra embryos that can be cryopreserved for future use in frozen embryo transfer cycles at a much lower cost.

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