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The Financial Aspect of Fertility Care

At the New Hope Center, we understand each patient's treatment needs are specific to them. and t would be impossible to predict exactly what services someone will need without first meeting with a physician to develop their treatment plan.

However, we also realize the ability to plan and prepare the finances needed for treatment, is a critical piece of the overall process.

In an effort to assist patients with this aspect of their fertility care, we have outlined certain fees below. . Please keep in mind, your final cost depends on the following:

1. The exact services and treatment received

2. Insurance plan/policy benefits and coverage (or lack of)

3. Enrollment in clinic offered discount program(s)

4. Enrollment in pharmacy discount programs (fertility medications)

5. Military status – active duty, active duty partner, retired, etc.

Please note - All cash patients are eligible to enroll in The New Hope Center's cost assistance program-The CARES© Program. To receive a formal quote for your individual treatment plan - please contact our office to schedule a consultation. .At the completion of your consultation, a financial counselor will provide all information related to the treatment plan you and your physician have designed.

Our financial counselors are here to help you with every step of the financial process. Visit our Financial Options page, for current financing, applying is easy and payment plans to meet every budget are available!

Discounts and Discount Program(s):

The New Hope Center offers special promotions throughout the year, as a way of honoring members our local community. Promotions for First Responders, Teachers, and our Armed Forces, are just a few.

In addition, NHC offers the CARES© Program as a method to reduce the cost of fertility treatment and assist patients with pursuing their goals. The CARES Program rewards enrolled patients with discounts that range from 10% - 30% off our regular fee for service prices.

CARES© is not a refund or shared risk program. In our experience, most patients either don’t qualify for shared risk, or end up paying more than necessary in the end. New Hope patients only pay for their intended treatment and services, and have access to medication discounts not typically offered by these other programs.

2018-Shared Risk Fails

Fertility Testing – Fee-For-Service Pricing:

Day #3 Labs / AMH level $105 to $300
PAS-Pelvic Anatomy Ultrasound $420 to $540
H.S.G. (hysterosalpingogram) $1,750
Semen Analysis $175 - $250
Sperm Freezing $150 – 1st Sample – includes up to 12mo storage
Sperm Banking (multiple freezes planned) ^speak w/Financial Counselor for special pricing based on the # of samples planned

Fertility Treatment – Cash Pricing:

Non-A.R.T. Treatment:

  CASH C.A.R.E.S.©
Clomid/Femara Cycle ~$1,950 to $2,625 $1,995 (includes a Single I.U.I)
Ovulation Induction Cycle ~$2,880 to $3,650 $2,750 (includes a Single I.U.I)
IUI (Prep & Insemination) $ 375.00 Included in cost above

A.R.T. Treatment:

Final Cost is based on: military status, and/or enrollment in an available New Hope Center discount program.


Treatment Cycle Regular/Standard Fee CARES© Program
*Discounts Range from 15% - 35% depending on package
Military CARES©
*depends on exact cycle/package
INVOCell™ Procedure ^speak w/Financial Counselor NA NA
Fresh IVF Cycle $9,500 ^speak w/Financial Counselor ^speak w/Financial Counselor
Single Deferred-ET Cycle (1-Fresh Stim + 1-FET) $15,100 $13,750 $12,750
Egg Vitrification Cycle (Fertility Preservation) $8,000 NA ^speak w/Financial Counselor
FET Cycle w/AZH $4,000 *$3,000 to $3,400 ^speak w/Financial Counselor
Co-IVF w/ Fresh ET $10,750 ^speak w/Financial Counselor ^speak w/Financial Counselor
Full Donor Egg IVF – Base Cycle $16,750 ^speak w/Financial Counselor ^speak w/Financial Counselor
Split/Shared Donor Egg IVF – Base Cycle ^speak w/Financial Counselor NA NA
Frozen Donated Embryo ^speak w/Financial Counselor NA NA

Multi Cycle Options

*Speak to a Financial Counselor regarding Multiple Cycle Options.

Additional Services

Treatment Cycle Regular/Standard Fee CARES© Program
*Discounts Range from 15% - 35% depending on package
Military CARES©
*depends on exact cycle/package
ICSI $2400 *$1800 to $2000 ^speak w/Financial Counselor
Egg or Embryo Freeze (Includes 12mo storage) $2000 *$1500 to $1700 ^speak w/Financial Counselor
AZH $600 *$450 to $510 ^speak w/Financial Counselor
Blast Transfer (add for additional culture of embryos) $750 *$600 to $640 ^speak w/Financial Counselor
PGS Biopsy - NHC *Additional Fees apply to Genesis Genetics Lab $3,750 $3,750 ^speak w/Financial Counselor

**Prices may change without notice – please contact our office with any questions**

New Hope uses the latest technology for PGS/PGD testing:

"Triphectoderm Biopsy".This method requires the biopsy be performed on Day 5, and replaces previous testing which included a Day #3 biopsy.

A description of this technology and its benefits are outlined under New Services at PGD-Day 5 BX "Triphectoderm Bx"