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Dr. Robin On Choosing A Virginia Fertility Center

You have so much love to offer to a child. It's been your plan, your dream, and your expectation. When you run into challenges, it can become intense emotionally. Infertility issues can lead to frustration, anger, confusion, guilt, depression and even a feeling that you are isolated. Often, the first step forward is to become empowered with the latest fertility therapy information. A consultation with leading Virginia fertility specialist, Dr. Robin Poe-Zeigler (Dr. Robin) is not a commitment to be treated but gives you the highest level of quality information to assist you in your decision making process.

Since 1997, Dr. Robin and The New Hope Center team have been helping couples become families in a compassionate, sensitive and caring environment where you and your partner are seen by members of the same team each time you visit.

At The New Hope Center, we are sensitive to what couples are going through. We're experienced in surrounding you with support, compassionate care, a plan for success and a high-level of ongoing communication.

We understand that your success includes a combination of mental and physical assistance and we have the experienced team to help.  Every member of our fertility team is dedicated to making your experience at New Hope as positive, comforting and uplifting as possible. 

Taking home a baby involves a number a well-coordinated steps at New Hope.  First, are the diagnostic steps.  New Hope utilizes diagnostic procedures used at the nation’s largest fertility clinics while doing it all in a more private, personal setting for its patients.

Serving fertility patients from Virginia, North eastern North Carolina, Maryland, other states and even other countries, The New Hope Center in Virginia Beach, offers outstanding clinical expertise with reproductive endocrinologist physicians; on-site, state-of –the-art andrology and embryology laboratories; even in-house surgical suites. You will find that most tests and procedures are performed right at the practice location to help ensure uncompromising care, convenience and optimum results.

Personalized Care For New Hope Patients

The Virginia Beach specialty fertility team is led by Dr. Robin Poe-Zeigler. The entire New Hope team is dedicated to identifying your diagnosis and providing the treatment you need to help you start or expand the family you've dreamed of.

And, while the Virginia fertility clinic often treats patients who are older or who have a long history of infertility, the success rates at The New Hope Center are routinely higher than national averages for this specialty of medicine.

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Your first call to (757) 496-5370 takes you one step closer to understanding your options to have a baby. Call the caring team at The New Hope Center today and let them work with you to design a plan to help you achieve your dreams.

To offer outstanding clinical expertise and state of the art andrology, embryology, and reproductive endocrinology services, in an effort to diagnose and treat the causes of infertility, to assist our patients in having a child.

To provide a positive experience, comfort, and every possible advantage to help patients experiencing infertility issues, to achieve a pregnancy and to create a family.

Service Strategy:
To provide high quality infertility testing and treatment, using cutting edge techniques & technology, to achieve the best possible outcome for each and every patient, while offering convenient and personalized care, in a stress free and elegant environment.

Core Competencies:
Patient-centered philosophy, each patient sees a highly trained professional. We employ a team of support staff for each patient to assist and address their concerns. Treatment plans are tailored to meet the individual needs and preferences of each patient, providing personalized attention, rather than standardized care. Patients are treated with respect as one would treat a “guest”.


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